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            Getting Started with Us!

            If you have any questions about your next painting project or would like to receive a free estimate, you can get in contact with our friendly contractors and we’ll be happy to answer you without any obligations.

            Welcome Canmore Painting Website!

            Since 2010, our painting company, Canadian Pros Painting, has been able to deliver high quality painting solutions to home and business owners throughout many cities in Alberta. We have contractors providing painting solutions to many cities such as Canmore, Banff, Cochrane, Cremona, Black Diamond, Okotoks, High River, Nanton and Calgary. With our growing contribution to Alberta, we have been able to build and maintain a solid reputation for having no in-home or on-site workplace accidents and no negative reviews or legal concerns from our clients. This is due to our continuous effort to:

            • Be completely transparent in our process
            • Continue to train and reinforce strict health & safety codes of conduct
            • Constantly improve on our painting craft both modern and traditionally
            • Deliver timely and affordable results to every project

            The Canmore painting team has experts to assist your industrial painting, commercial painting and your residential or home painting projects. We trust our quality that the solutions we have provided are no different than what we would do for ourselves. We have a dedicated painting team that will not only work around the clock but are very familiar with working around schedules and with minimal disturbance to daily operations. If you would like to see some of our previous completed work, visit our project page. You can also find what our customers are saying in our testimonials. We also provide free assessments and estimates through our contact page.

            Online Contact Form

            Sandblasting job sizes MUST be a minimum of $900.
            Marketing requests are not accepted!

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